Executive Search

Since in 1975, we have earned a reputation for professionalism and results. As consultants to management, we assist our clients in determining their needs and goals. We then identify and attract top candidates around the world who have the requisite skills to perform in each client company’s unique environment. Our Search Process not only finds our clients the most qualified choice, but also finding the right fit for their culture.

Real Estate Specialization

Since 1975, Ropes Associates, Inc. has specialized in providing executive recruitment and organizational consulting services for our clients in the large-scale, luxury residential and destination resort businesses. We excel in building experienced real estate development teams with worldwide industry-leading professionals that can implement the planning, development, and operations of high-end real estate with multiple amenities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Through our three decades of experience, Ropes Associates has built relationships with many of the leaders in the real estate development industry. We have been able to leverage our knowledge in the business to bring together landowners with special needs and developers with expertise. The process of merging successful developers for special-use projects is similar to the process we employ in our executive search practice.

The Search Process

We attribute much of our success over the years to our proven search process. This process is customized for all of our clients and has earned us a reputation for excellence.

The Client’s Role

Our clients play an active role in the search throughout the process. From the start of the search, it is important for the client and our firm to be in constant communication. Early in the search, in conjunction with our client, we prepare a Position Description that we use to evaluate potential candidates throughout the search. This outlines the necessary skills and experience a candidate must have in order to be considered for the available position. The client promptly schedules interviews with those candidates who we have presented for hire. Clients then give us feedback regarding those candidates they have met with

Client Consultation

In this first, very important step of the process, we meet with our client in an attempt to understand exactly who the client is and what their needs are. It is important to us to thoroughly understand the client’s goals and objectives, corporate organization, and position to be filled. We assist the client in analyzing their needs in order to recommend solutions pertaining to the skills required of potential candidates

Position Description

Once we fully understand our client’s organization, we prepare a Position Description. This serves as the primary written document to communicate the employment opportunity to potential candidates. It explains the client’s organization, outlines the nature of the position, and specifies the necessary skills required of a successful candidate.

Candidate Development

Next, we begin identifying potential sources and candidates by utilizing our extensive network of industry contacts and accessing our comprehensive, proprietary database. We explore these resources to identify those candidates who meet the criteria detailed in the Position Description. We then conduct thorough telephone interviews to reduce the pool of prospective candidates to those with exemplary qualifications whom warrant a face-to-face interview.

Candidate Assessment

We then personally interview the top candidates. During these initial face-to-face interviews we will also determine the candidate’s level of interest in the position, their compensation requirements, their ultimate career goals, and their potential for success within the client’s organization.

Candidate Report

Once we have thoroughly interviewed potential candidates and find them well qualified, we verify all educational degrees. We also check references by speaking with individuals who have been in a position to evaluate the candidate’s job performance. We then prepare a confidential written report for the client to review. The report includes the candidate’s resume, career overview, and summary information gathered from our interview process.

Examples of Recent M&A Activity

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Helped to merge LandMar, a large-scale community developer in Jacksonville, with Duke Energy’s real estate group,Crescent Resources, thus enabling LandMar to become a much larger regional developer.
  • Brought together a development group to joint venture, Somersett, a large-scale master planned community in Reno, Nevada.
  • Worked with a large-scale resort developer in Costa Rica to bring in sub-developers with special product expertise.
  • Put together a development group and funding source to acquire a $100 million luxury island community.
  • Put together a joint venture opportunity between a landowner and large development group to develop and build a 5,000 acre community thirty minutes north of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
  • Working on a unique development opportunity to bring a development group together to develop a 60,000 acre ranch in Northwest Colorado.
  • Brought Kiawah Development Partners into a joint venture with Auberge/Firesky to develop the 2500- Acre St.Kitts Peninsula named Christophe Harbour.
Real Estate Specialization

Development Advisory Services

Ropes Associates, Inc., has coordinated an industry-leading team of development professionals to advise best practices and guide you through the development process by combining years of experience managing like kind projects.  Each member of the advisory team has 30+ years of experience in developing master planned, luxury resort residential projects across the globe.